Surviving the Summer in Queensland means having good access to a cooling system within your home.
Most people use air conditioning to lower the temperature inside their home but this will definitely impact upon your quarterly electricity bill.

A good option for home owners is to also install ceiling fans.  Fans wont decrease the temperature in the room but they will blow heat away from the immediate area and will help to efficiently move the flow of air within your home.
A ceiling fan is also extremely efficient to run when compared to air-conditioning units – costing only a fraction of the cost electricity wise (usually around a 40% less than what it costs to run air conditioning).
If you are looking at installing air conditioning in your home, here are our top tips:

  • Always use a licensed electrician
  • Ensure your fan is the appropriate size for the room you plan to install it in.  Beacon Lighting has a handy infographic to help you with this.
  • Look for a fan that has a minimum 2-year warranty
  • Remember that fans don’t need to be boring!  There is a great range of colours, textures, shapes and blade sizes on offer so use your fan as a design feature also.

(Airfusion Climate II 50 DC Fan in Charcoal From Beacon Lighting)

There are a few factors that will influence the cost of getting your fans installed such as whether the fan is replacing an existing fan or light fitting, ceiling accessibility and the type of fan.  Sometimes more expensive fans can also take a little longer to put together and commission which might lead to additional costs from your electrical contractor.

To obtain an obligation free quotation for installing your ceiling fan, fill in the below quotation request and we’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.