It’s easy to forget about electricity costs until that bill rolls around! Follow our tips below to help you reduce your electricity costs and make saving energy a force of habit.


Tip 1: Improve Your Lighting Choices

Switching to LED energy efficient bulbs will use up to 75% less energy, will last longer than your standard light bulb and produce greater light. Find out more here.


Tip 2: Open Curtains And Blinds

Let natural light take over during the day and keep your switches off until you need them!


Tip 3: Save In The Laundry

Opt for a cold wash cycle where you can and select shorter washing cycles to reduce time washing and dryer machines spend on during the day. Be sure you’re only washing when you have a full cycle.


Tip 4: Turn Appliances Off At The Wall

Standby power uses up to 10% of the average household electricity use. Save some extra coins by switching appliances that aren’t being used off at the wall.


Tip 5: Be Seasonally Smart

Winter and summer bring different challenges for the home climate every year. Remember to keep your windows shut during winter to preserve the indoor heat. During summer you should open doors and windows to allow airflow through the house and minimise overuse of air-conditioning and fans.

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