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Lighting contributes significantly to energy use and business operating costs. Ever increasing energy prices, highlight the need for reducing the cost of lighting.

If your currently running halogen, incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, switching to LED fittings could represent significant running cost and maintenance savings.

At Munn Electrical, we offer a full service lighting upgrades for both commercial clients and residential customers.

Our process involves four simple steps:

  • A site visit to discuss your property, how it is used and your savings objectives
  • Identification of any lights that can be upgraded
  • Identification of any commercial lighting strategies or upgrades (such as sensors or dimmers) that can also be employed for savings
  • Presenting costings for these upgrades and forecast modeling for your potential return on investment.

As part of our site audit process we will:

  • Assess your existing lighting products to see if more energy efficient products are available
  • Discuss your maintenance objectives to determine suitable warranty periods for any new products
  • Assess options for dimming or timers for energy use reductions
  • Review occupancy usage to determine if sensors are suitable

Once a suitable solution strategy has been determined, our team will provide a price for supply of any lighting products, installation of those products and labour for any electrical upgrades that also need to be actioned.

Ready to discover the benefits of LED Lighting in your home or business? Contact us via the form below or 0407 522 678 to discuss further.