The freedom that comes with working from home is great. You can set your own hours, forgo the frustrating commute to work and choose your own uniform. However that freedom does come at a cost – your electricity bill.

When you work from home it is an unavoidable fact that your electricity bill will be higher than if you didn’t. After all, that’s an extra 8+ hours spent in your home rather than at an office. While we can’t help you stop an altogether rise in your bill we can provide you with some tips to help you manage your energy and save some money!
See below for our top tips to saving energy while working from home.

  1. Use a laptop

Rather than working from a desktop computer that must be plugged in all day draining energy, use a laptop. Laptops are designed to work without a power source and therefore use 80% less energy than desktops.

  1. Create an energy efficient space

You’re not going to be using all of your equipment at once so opting for energy efficient appliances will help you to save money when they’re not in use. When choosing appliances look for computers and monitors that comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)2, printers with no/low standby power consumption and install LED light bulbs in your office space.

  1. Use an energy saving power board

An energy saving power board allows you to connect a primary appliance (e.g. your computer) to the ‘master socket’ and then connect your secondary appliances (e.g. monitor, printer and chargers) to the ‘slave sockets’. This means that when your primary appliance is turned off power to the secondary appliances will also shut down ensuring they do not waste power when not in use.

  1. Install a ceiling fan

Being at home means you don’t need to crank the air con to get comfortable. Ceiling fans are a great solution for home offices as they encourage the circulation of air, can be fashionable and run a much more efficient rate than standard air conditioners.

While they may seem obvious, these simple small changes all add up. Start implementing them today and come your next energy bill, you’ll be glad you did!


Munn Electrical is a Brisbane electrician servicing Brisbane’s bayside and southern suburbs.  We can assist home owners with a range of energy saving solutions including LED lighting, ceiling fans and additional power points to avoid drawing upon power boards and extension cords.  To find out more phone us on 0407 522 678.