Whether you have a modern home or an older style Queenslander, from time to time, you will have an electrical issue that needs to be resolved.

Knowing when to call an electrical contractor or when to instead call your energy provider is important so here are a few of the common issues that you may face within your home.

The Lights Are Out.
Ah yes – this one will be familiar to all of us, particular during Brisbane’s storm season. Homeowners can conduct two quick little checks that will determine whether they should phone an electrician or their electricity provider. Firstly, check if it is just your home that has lost power or if everyone in your street has. If the other homes in the streets are also out, your electricity provider is no doubt experiencing an outage. Notify your electricity provider or check their website service page for updates.
If, however, only your home is without power, head out to your safety switch and see if it has tripped.

Safety Switch Has Tripped.
The principle of a safety switch is to save lives. A safety switch is designed to trip when it detects an imbalance of amps between the active conductor and neutral conductor with electricity leaking to earth. When this happens, the safety switch trips cutting all electricity to that circuit. Your switch may trip due to any number of reasons such as a faulty appliances, faulty wiring or perhaps the safety switch itself could be faulty.
If your safety switch is tripping, there is a reason for that and it should be investigated by a qualified electrical contractor.

Flickering Lights.
A common issue in many homes, flickering lights are rarely an indication of something sinister and usually are indicative of something as simple as your new LEDs aren’t compatible with your dimmers. To avoid those issues, ensure that any new lighting in your home is installed by a qualified electrician in the first place. If your lights are flickering, contact a licensed electrician so that they can fault find the problem for you.

You’ve Outgrown Your Home.
If you’re renovating or living in an older style home, your wiring system could be dated and not able to cope with the requirements of your lifestyle. Mains upgrades and potentially hazardous wiring that needs to be rectified are all things to consider if you are planning to renovate an older style home.

It of course goes without saying that no matter what issues you experience within your home, electrical safety should always come first. If in doubt, contact your local Brisbane electrician but remember – never attempt DIY electrical works. It isn’t worth the risk!

An extremely important side note here is that if you can see any fallen power lines around your home – under no circumstances touch that line! Call your electricity provider (in Queensland, you will need to phone Energex) immediately and ensure the area is secure and not likely to be touched by the neighbours children etc.